April 19, 2016

Plant Sale April 30 2016

Sale is over
I want to thank all that came

Plant Sale

April 30 2016

8am - 3pm

I have been colleting plants for many years.

I can't take care of all of them because of my health. So I have to let them go.

Aechmea's most are landscape  Aechmea 'Bert' Ananas comosus var. variegates Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii Cryptanthus warasii
Dyckia's sp/hyb  Deuterocohnia Encholirium horridum Encholirium 'Angelita'  Fosterella weddelliana Hechtia's Navia igneosicola Neoregelia carcharodon Tiger Neoglaziovia variegate Pitcairnia chiapensis Tillandsia hildae  Alluaudia dumosa Alluaudia procera Adenium arabicum Agave 'Mr.Woodrow' Adenia venenata Euphorbia's  Eulophia deceocladesa v decaryi Eulophia petersii Gonatopus boivinii - Giraffe's Knees Jatropha podagrica Haworthia longiana plus a few more Sansevieria aethiopica Sansevieria sambiranensis Sansevieria kirkii Sansevieria arborescens or Sansevieria bagamoyensis not sure which one it is Sansevieria masoniana Variegated Sansevieria trifasciata Bantell’s Sensation Uncarina grandidieri Wittia amazonica PLUS Supplies. 

Leonard Dolatowski

2509 25th Ave. Bradenton, Fl.

The sale did well, lots of plants gone to new homes.
Mostly the more rare ones where sold.
I still have a lot that did not sell.
Might try it again, but its getting hot out and people don't like to go out.