October 29, 2009


Deuterocohnia longipetala silver form

Deuterocohnia meziana
Deuterocohnia  brevispicata 

Deuterocohnia  brevispicata 

Their is about 20 different Deuterocohnia's they are:
Deuterocohnia brevifolia
Deuterocohnia brevispicata
Deuterocohnia chrysantha
Deuterocohnia digitata
Deuterocohnia glandulosa
Deuterocohnia haumanii
Deuterocohnia longipetala
Deuterocohnia lorentziana
Deuterocohnia lotteae
Deuterocohnia meziana var.
Deuterocohnia meziana carmineoviridiflora
Deuterocohnia recurvipetala
Deuterocohnia scapigera
Deuterocohnia strobilifera var. inermis
Deuterocohnia strobilifera
Deuterocohnia schreiteri
Deuterocohnia pedicellata
Deuterocohnia seramisiana
Deuterocohnia scapigera ssp. sanctae-crucis
Deuterocohnia gableana

Deuterocohnia flowers can be bright yellow or yellow to orange and red.
Some have the flowers on stems that can be 3 or 4 feet in height and some do not. The flowers come from the center of the plant kind of like Cryptanthus (if it does have flowers on stems the stems are small and I can't tell). The plants with flower on stems can flower the next year on the same stem. Unlike alot of bromeliad's, Deuterocohnia do not die after flowering.


October 12, 2009

Orthophytum maracasense variegated

I have the variegated (bottem 2 photo's) and the non-variegated (top photo) form of this plant, but I started to grow the variegated form in a large 10 inch pot just to see if it will get as large as some will do if in a big pot. As you can see from the photo it will. The largest pot I use to grow them was a 6 inch pot but most of the time it was 4 or 5 inch pot.

I think most people grow there plants in to small of a pot which will slow down how large the plants will get. They should try to grow them in larger pot with more drainage material, I use one part peat and 3 parts peal-lite and sometimes I will add some volcanic rock if it is a big pot.

The non-variegated form is in a 6 inch pot, I might try to grow it in a larger pot next summer.

October 7, 2009

New Specie of puya


This is a new Specie of puya.
This is the story I got:
The seed came from a herbarium sheets that was being look at for identification of a new specie.
Seeing some seed on the herbarium sheets, the person though he would try and see if they would grow, guess what, it did and this is one of thoese plants.

I do not know how old it was or how many seed was on the herbarium sheets. I did see only about 6 or 8 plant from that seed.
The tag reads: Puya species cayata Ecuador HL 1-08

October 1, 2009

Orthophytum 'Stardust'

Orthophytum lemei X gurkenii

This Orthophytum when in flower get so big and heavy in falls over well before the pups start to show up.

I get alot of my plants from Tropiflora and this is what they say in one of the Cargo Report's sbout this plant

"Orthophytum ‘Stardust’ A very handsome cross of gurkenii x lemei by Michael Kiehl. Wide brownish leaves are heavily scurf-covered, giving the plant a silvery or slightly pinkish color. The inflorescence is a tall scape with short, burr-like branches made up of short, stiff, reddish colored bracts and white flowers."

This plant did not come from Tropiflora and I don't remember were I got it. My tag reads: Orthophytum lemei x gurkenii. When you see a cross like this one where gurkenii x lemei, gurkenii would be the seed plant but this lemei x gurkenii were lemei would be the seed plant.

This plant is in a 8 inch pot.