April 26, 2011

Hechtia tillandsioides female ?

Could this be a female Hechtia tillandsioides in flowers?

UPDATE: I guess this is not Hechtia tillandsioides but it might be Hechtia  lundelliorum.  

April 17, 2011

Hechtia's in flower

Hechtia's don't flower for me very offen but this year I have 2 in flower so far now.

 Hechtia epigyna
 Hechtia epigyna
 Hechtia lundelliorum
 Hechtia lundelliorum
Hechtia lundelliorum

The flowers opened today not the color I was looking for.

Dyckia dawsonii

I just potted up and divided Dyckia dawsonii as you can see in the photo's. I still have a few more to do.

This is one of those Dyckia that everyone who collects dyckia's should have. If you are going to do any hybridizing this would make a great plant to use if you want a thin leaf plant and it has nice color. Dyckia 'Brittle Star' is a hybrid of dawsonii X (fosteriana x platyphylla)

Dyckia Arizona f2

It seems to be a lot of Dyckia Arizona f2 hybrids around.

Most of which I like, most that I have seen look alike with dark leafs and white or almost white spines.
For me it would be hard to tell the difference between a lot of them. The real Dyckia Arizona would be hard to tell from the F3's. I like them all.
I don't have the real Dyckia Arizona but if you do I will trade you for one.
All photo's are of  Dyckia Arizona f2's

April 16, 2011

Encholirium subsecundum

Encholirium subsecundum or is it? I got this plant at Michaels Bromeliad. He said it was seed from the BSI seed fund labeled as Encholirium subsecundum. But whet it flowered it look like a dyckia with lateral flower spike. What ever it is I like the big waxey leafs.

Dorstenia gigas in 3D

Can you see it?

April 11, 2011

Dyckia niederleinii in flower

It may not be what the label reads but it got big fast. Just last year in was in a 6 inch pot whan I got it, moved to a 8 inch pot which it filled.
Strange flower kind of  oblong and with a flower stalk contorted a little bit.

Dyckia Silverback f2

Nice small color flowers for Dyckia Silverback f2

April 9, 2011

Collecting trip to Michaels Bromeliads in Venice, Fl.

Went on a collecting trip to Michaels Bromeliads in  Venice, FL today. Met Chris from Tx. who was down on his owe collecting trip. I don't know what he collected but this is what I got.
Dyckia 'Lad Cutak

Dyckia Arizona f2
Dyckia Arizona f2
Dyckia fosteriana Bronze
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei x Dyckia beateae
Dyckia Gray Ops

Dyckia Snaggletooth




April 6, 2011

Orthophytum ‘Donna Shaw’

Orthophytum maracasense variegated or striata or it is?
This a variegated Orthophytum maracasense and is that I call it but……..

I have seen this plant listed as Orthophytum maracasense striata.

Just today I found with a photo:

Orthophytum ‘Donna Shaw’ sport of Orthophytum maracasense w/green and yellow variegation (see link )


It looks like my plant but is smaller, it could be a younger plant.
I have had this plant for years but last year I found one at a Bromeliad sale. It was way larger then any one I grown. In all ways it looks the same but in size.
Should I change my tag on it?
 In a 8 inch pot with leafs 23 inchs long