August 30, 2009

Dyckia brevifolia Moon Glow / Dyckia 'Yellow Glow'

I have few
Dyckia brevifolia 'Moon Glow'/ Dyckia 'Yellow Glow' plants, but not all turn yellow like the ones in the photo.

All are from the same plant in the photo but show no yellow all, why is this?

August 20, 2009

Hechtia caerulea and tillandsioides?

Hechtia caerulea is the top 2 photos

One of my favorite Hechtia's is caerulea and tillandsioides. Why? No spines to eat you. Hechtia caerulea has small lavender flowers and Hechtia tillandsioides small white flowers. They look the same until they come in to flower, Hechtia tillandsioides is a larger plant of the two. I could be wrong about the names of these two plants. I have seen the name Hechtia lindmanioides and purpusii also for these plants and also the differences may just be male and female plants. I an really confused about that they are. But I like them.