December 12, 2013

Dyckia Tapayuna

Dyckia Tapayuna is not it's name but I guess where it came from. I would like a name if anyone knows it.

I did put this on Facebook to try to get answer.

A BIG thank you to

Constantino Gastaldi  that said on Facebook :
The correct is Dyckia sp from Tapayuna. Tapayuna is a Braziliann indian native name. The tribe is Tapayuna. The plant was found in their lands in Mato Grosso. The plant has no official name. It is a brand new species and unnamed. We refer to it as Dyckia sp from Tapayuna or Dyckia Tapayuna (with a capital letter).


What's in Flower in December

I have not felt like doing this blog any more but with Christmas coming I feel a little bit better.

I have had this Orchid for more then 15 tears. It came with out a name tag.

 I love the clear yellow color of it.

Dyckia tapayuna

Dyckia tapayuna  flower stems

Dyckia tapayuna flowers

Dyckia estevesii in 6 inch pot.
This pass summer I had 2 plants with offsets that I removed and potted. This one did not flower  as yet.

Dyckia estevesii in 6 inch pot.

This is the first time for this plant to flower and it is a new offset that was potted up just a few months ago. Dyckia estevesii is one plant that wants flower and it can do just that a few times in one year.

Euphorbia millotii
You can tell it's winter here in FL. When the Euphorbia's have no leaves.
With no leaves it still wants to flower