June 1, 2017

Two types of Orthophytum's

I thought this was useful information so I'm adding it to this blog. With a few updates.

 Some Orthophytum's do not flower on a flower stem like the Orthophytum above.
Orthophytum sanguinea

Only about 16 out of 79 flower like this as far as I can tell. They are:

3. Orthophytum burle-marxii
11. Orthophytum pseudovagans
15. Orthophytum vagans
16. Orthophytum zanonii
No longer a Orth.
Now it's called Lapa duartei
Photo links are from FCBS Bromeliad Photo Index Database

A list of all Orthophytum's from the FCBS Bromeliad Species Database

Orthophytum albopictum
Orthophytum alvimii
Orthophytum amoenum
Orthophytum benzingii
Orthophytum braunii
Orthophytum burle-marxii
Orthophytum compactum
Orthophytum disjunctum
Orthophytum duartei
Orthophytum eddie-estevesii
Orthophytum foliosum
Orthophytum fosterianum
Orthophytum glabrum
Orthophytum gurkenii
Orthophytum hatschbachii
Orthophytum humile
Orthophytum lemei
Orthophytum leprosum
Orthophytum lucidum
Orthophytum lymanianum
Orthophytum magalhaesii
Orthophytum maracasense
Orthophytum mello-barretoi
Orthophytum navioides
Orthophytum rubrum
Orthophytum sanctum
Orthophytum saxicola
Orthophytum sucrei
Orthophytum supthutii not a Orth
Orthophytum vagans
Orthophytum grossiorum
Orthophytum estevesii
Orthophytum horridum
Orthophytum falconii
Orthophytum toscanoi
Orthophytum heleniceae
Orthophytum jabrense
Orthophytum zanonii
Orthophytum lanuginosum
Orthophytum macroflorum
Orthophytum riocontense
Orthophytum rubiginosa
Orthophytum schulzianum
Orthophytum mucugense
Orthophytum conquistense
Orthophytum harleyi
Orthophytum atalaiense
Orthophytum triunfense
Orthophytum boudetianum
Orthophytum striatifolium
Orthophytum pseudovagans
Orthophytum catingae
Orthophytum piranianum
Orthophytum graomogolense
Orthophytum itambense
Orthophytum ophiuroides
Orthophytum diamantinense
Orthophytum cearense
Orthophytum teofilo-otonense
Orthophytum elegans
Orthophytum jacaraciense
Orthophytum vidaliorum
Orthophytum guaratingense
Orthophytum pseudostoloniferum
Orthophytum roseum
Orthophytum erigens
Orthophytum buranhense
Orthophytum ulei
Orthophytum rafaelii
Orthophytum argentum

UPDATE 7/27/14

I put this list on Facebook back in April and received this reply  

April 30 2014

 "Sascha Heller

Correctly. there is a conspicuous differentiation in Orthophytum. And there is also a close link to Cryptanthus. Currently some Colleagues and I are working on a taxonomical improvement. There will be a few new genera coming up,"

 I don't know if that’s a good thing or not.
Maybe they will look at Hechtia's as well. Their are some that flower on a stem and some that don't

UPDATE 6/1/2017



  1. albopictum
  2. amoena
  3. burle-marxii
  4. hatschbachii
  5. heleniceae
  6. humilis
  7. mucugensis
  8. navioides
  9. ophiuroides
  10. rafaelii
  11. ulei