February 22, 2011

Few more dyckia's coming in to flower

As of today 2/22/2011 this is what is coming in to flower with more to come.

 Dyckia Silver Back F2

 Dyckia Gray Ops
Dyckia Silver Back F2

February 21, 2011

Hechtia rosea

Hechtia rosea 1st time flowering for me.

Can anyone tell if its a male or a female plant?

February 1, 2011

xDYCKCOHNIA Bones Mahogany

xDyckcohnia Bones Mahogany
This is a rare Bigeneric
Seed Parent: Deuterocohnia brevispicata
Pollen Parent: Dyckia reitzii "Rubra"
Hybridizer: R. Lemieux 2001
I find this plant to be a slow grower and also slow to flower. I have had this plant for about 10 years or so and it only flowered once.
There is one other xDyckcohnia that I know of and it is
xDyckcohnia 'Conrad Morton'
Seed parent: Dyckia macedoi
Pollen parent: Deuterocohnia meziana
Hybridizer: Hutchinson, Paul 2002