September 28, 2012


This is a fast note from 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference

Dyckia  Brittle Star f3 entered By Michael Kiehl


This is a fast note from 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference

Alcantarea 'John Stodard' By Michael Kiehl

Best in Show Commercial

September 23, 2012

Adenium arabicum

This is one of the few Adenium's that did not frezze out two years then we had a cold spell.
It is also one that doesn't flower that often for me.

It does get a bigger base then Adenium obesum but the flowers are a bit smaller.

This is my last post until I get back from  2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference.
See you their.


September 18, 2012

Hechtia montana

Hechtia montana comes from the San Jose del Cabo area in Baja California, Mexico.
I don't know for sure but it is said to grow to 24 - 36" wide, my plant is not that large.
Very white looking with teeth with a bite.

This is a hard one to root from a offset.
The the first Hechtia montana I got was a offset and it never rooted.
This is the second plant I have but it came with some roots.
It's doing well in full sun. 


September 14, 2012

Vendor Information for the World Bromeliad Conference

This just in.

A list of all sellers (Vendor's) at the 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference hosted by Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies at
The Caribe Royal, 8101 World Center, Orlando, FL

Commercial Sales
Denis Cathcart
Don Beadle
** Books**
Stephen Litlefield
Don Beadle
Michael's Bromeliads
Michael Kiehl
Eloise Beach Bromeliads
Eloise Beach
Bromeliads Galore
Dave Johnston
Mike's Bromeliads
Mike Michalski
Jungle Gems
Martin Baxley
Level 21 Advanced Bromeliad Culture
Jason Mellica
McCrory's Sunny Hill Nursery
Georgia Orser
Randy's Bromeliads & More Inc
Randy Garcia
Color Zone
Grant Groves
Member Sales
Ron and Carolyn Schoenau
Colandra Thuurrott
Daniel Acros
Pam Koide-Hyatt
Elizabeth Patterson (Betty)
Elizabeth Patterson (Betty)
Carole Richtmyer
Bryan Windham
Paul Wingert
Steve Hoppin
Dr Larry Giroux
 This is my wife and I
Leonard and Inez Dolatowski
Kenneth Stokes
Jose Donayre
Marty Folk
Lisa Robinette
Jim Pearce
Penrith Goff
Art Sale
Mary McBride
Info Sent
Tom Wolfe
Rick Ryals

Sale Dates are:
Friday, 9/28- 9am-5pm, Sale
Saturday, 9/29- 9am-5pm, Sale
Sunday, 9/30- 9am-3pm, Sale

I had to add some photo's.

September 12, 2012

Plant sale at WBC

I think all of the plants listed below will be for sale at the Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference. If I can fit them in my car and if they let me put them all out.

I always have a problem with pricing plants. I try to be fair in my pricing, but what do you think?

Almost are in 6 inch pots.  Orthophytum harleyi and Orthophytum foliosum Silver and  is in 4 inch pots. Might be one or two more in 4 inch pots. 

    Quantity  price per plant
Dyckia Arizona F2 2 $10.00
Dyckia Arizona F2 #4 2 $25.00
Dyckia Brittle Star F3  1 $15.00
Dyckia Chocolate 2 $20.00
Dyckia Chocolate 2 $15.00
Dyckia fosteriana Bronze 1 $15.00
Dyckia fosteriana 2 $10.00
Dyckia Gray Ops 1 $20.00
Dyckia Lad Cutak 1 $15.00
Dyckia leptostachya 2 $15.00
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei var. estevesii 2 $10.00
Dyckia Mercury f2 1 $15.00
Dyckia Mercury f2 1 $20.00
Dyckia Naked Lady' 1 $10.00
Dyckia Picante 2 $20.00
Dyckia pseudococcinea 2 $10.00
Dyckia Red Devil 1 $10.00
Dyckia remotiflora 3 $10.00
Dyckia sp. collected by Wally Berg 1 $10.00
Dyckia sp. collected by  Dennis Cathcart and Ray Coleman 1 $15.00
Dyckia Silver Back F2 2 $15.00
Dyckia aff pulquinensis 3 $10.00
Dyckia tapayuna 1 $10.00
Dyckia velascana Suppressed Anger variegated 2 $25.00
Orthophytum benzingii 6 $10.00
Orthophytum harleyi 1 $10.00
Orthophytum lemei 3 $20.00
Orthophytum foliosum Silver 3 $15.00
Orthophytum Burle marxii 3 $15.00
Hechtia KM90 2 $15.00
Hechtia Gayii 1 $15.00
Navia igneosicola 2 $60.00

Navia igneosicola
Only 2 out of the 3 that I have will be for sale. It looks like they might be coming in to flower.

Packed up and ready to go.
Not all plants are in the photo.
Hechtia KM90


September 5, 2012

Orlandiana 2012

Who all going to Orlandiana 2012 the 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference ?
I have been looking and looking and looking some more at all my plants and can't seen to find anything to enter.

What to do?

I have to come up with 5 plant for the show part of the Conference.

I grow all my plants outside  with no protection from nature. All  have some kind of damage to the leaves or dirt so deep down that I can't get at.

I guess I will  enter the best of what I have and take the hit from the judges.

One more thing, I'm not good at cleaning up plants for a  Bromeliad show to begin with.

 I was also thinking about entering photo's instead of plants. Photo's I can do, they will look OK but not win anything big. But I'm not sure if I can as the rules say seller must enter 5 plants.

I was thinking about entering this photo. What do you think/