April 4, 2016

More about Uncarina

More about Uncarina?
I like Uncarina's a lot, if I could find more sp. I would try to get them.

This page is more for me then for you. It is to help me remember some of this stuff and to find it if I need to.

This infor comes from:

"Specific and endemic to Madagascar, this genre is composed of 14 species found in all dry areas of the island.


Uncarina abbreviata (Baill.) Ihlenf. Straka &

Uncarina ankaranensis Ihlenf.

Uncarina decaryi Humbert ex Ihlenf.

Uncarina dimidiata (Baill.) Ihlenf. Straka &

Uncarina grandidieri (Baill.) Stapf

Uncarina leandrii Humbert

Uncarina leptocarpa (Decne.) Ihlenf. Straka &

Uncarina peltata (Baker) Stapf, in Engler

Uncarina perrieri Humbert

Uncarina platycarpa Lavranos

Uncarina roeoesliana Rauh

Uncarina sakalava Humbert

Uncarina stellulifera Humbert

Uncarina turicana Lavranos "

The plants are small shrubs or large branched thick trunk (called pachycaules) trees, while a few species form a caudex (say caudiciforms).
Broad foliage, usually lobed or cut, fluffy and void.
The flowers are white, yellow or pink.

Fruit, ovoid capsules, spiky bearing at their ends a harpoon barbs 4, which facilitates the dispersion clinging to animal fur. This is what is called zoochory. Thus, the seeds can travel long distances and to promote the extension of the species.

In situ, the flowers are pollinated by beetles.

The Uncarina are generally self-sterile, ie it must use the pollen from one plant to pollinate another and get fruit. This is the case of Uncarina grandidieri, peltata, roesliana, decaryi and abbreviata where my attempts at self-pollination does nothing. However I have had good results with Uncarina stellulifera which is self-fertile. "
As far as I can tell

Uncarina  abbreviate
Uncarina  stellulifera  have a pinkisk flower.
Uncarina roeoesliana (type 1 or type 2 lobes leaves leaves entires)
Uncarina perrieri have a flower that is all yellow
Uncarina  leptocarpa have white flowers.
    So all the others Uncarina's have flowers that are yellow with a dark throat.
Uncarina ankaranensis
Uncarina dimidiata
Uncarina grandidieri
Uncarina leandrii
Uncarina peltata
Uncarina platycarpa
Uncarina sakalava
Uncarina turicana

    This is from :

    As with the other Uncarinas, cuttings do form a caudex.
Uncarina grandidieri
 Any Uncarina 's in pots get watered maybe 1 or 2 times a week.

Uncarina grandidieri

March 27 2014
The plants in the ground only gets water then it rains.
March 27 2014 leaves just starting to come out
Last November ‎27, ‎2013

Uncarina decaryi

Uncarina stellulifera

All Uncarina's that I have get as much sun as I can give them. For some it's all day others only 4-6 hours. 

Uncarina decaryi: Has not flowered for me yet.

Uncarina roeoesliana: It is also the easiest one to flower; it can flowers when still small (it's 1st or 2nd year from seed).  For me it flowers most of the summer.

Uncarina grandidieri:  For me it flowers most of the summer also also .

Uncarina roeoesliana: so far not as many flowers Uncarina grandidieri or Uncarina roeoesliana and they are smaller but it does flower off and on in the summer.

Uncarina  stellulifera: I have 3 plants, one is a cutting I did last summer, one is a plant that I have been having a hard time keeping roots on it and the last one flowered 1 time last summer and is flower now.
cutting I did last summer

 It seems that they are difficult to propagate. Seed pods are few making seeds hard to get and then you do get them few seeds will grow. Cutting are also hard to root, I think you need to be lucky if you can root them.

If any infor. is wrong let my know so I could fix it.
Some of my plants might be miss labeled. The dam labels keep coming missing.