December 12, 2013

Dyckia Tapayuna

Dyckia Tapayuna is not it's name but I guess where it came from. I would like a name if anyone knows it.

I did put this on Facebook to try to get answer.

A BIG thank you to

Constantino Gastaldi  that said on Facebook :
The correct is Dyckia sp from Tapayuna. Tapayuna is a Braziliann indian native name. The tribe is Tapayuna. The plant was found in their lands in Mato Grosso. The plant has no official name. It is a brand new species and unnamed. We refer to it as Dyckia sp from Tapayuna or Dyckia Tapayuna (with a capital letter).


What's in Flower in December

I have not felt like doing this blog any more but with Christmas coming I feel a little bit better.

I have had this Orchid for more then 15 tears. It came with out a name tag.

 I love the clear yellow color of it.

Dyckia tapayuna

Dyckia tapayuna  flower stems

Dyckia tapayuna flowers

Dyckia estevesii in 6 inch pot.
This pass summer I had 2 plants with offsets that I removed and potted. This one did not flower  as yet.

Dyckia estevesii in 6 inch pot.

This is the first time for this plant to flower and it is a new offset that was potted up just a few months ago. Dyckia estevesii is one plant that wants flower and it can do just that a few times in one year.

Euphorbia millotii
You can tell it's winter here in FL. When the Euphorbia's have no leaves.
With no leaves it still wants to flower

November 2, 2013

Dyckia burle-marxii

This Dyckia burle-marxii 

This is a offset in a 6 inch pot.

This is the mama plant in a 12 inch pot.
 This plant was bigger but it started to go backwards. I don't know why but the larger plants were dying off.

September 30, 2013

After the Show 2013

Sarasota Bromeliad Society Annual Show and Sale was held at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  

Just some of the plants entered in the SBS Show and Sale .

First 3 photo's are the plants I entered in the show.
This was the first time we had a non- judged show.
Dyckia Heaven and Hell
Aechmea Aztec Gold

Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii

Other plants that were in the show of interest to me.
Dyckia reitzii rubra hyb.

Dyckia Snaggletooth f2

Dyckia's on rock

Dyckia's on rock

 Neoregelia pendula var. brevifolia albomarginated
Orthophytum rafaelii

 Tillandsia Fuego cv. of ionantha
 xNeophytum Cosmic Blast
 xNeophytum Hytime

 Some of the auction plants getting them ready for the auction.
I think their were 80 something plants in the auction.

 Some plants for sale.

It was a long 3 days.


September 25, 2013

Extravaganza is over

Don't forget Also coming up:

September 27th - 29thSarasota Bromeliad Society Annual Show and Sale
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 811 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, Florida
Many choice bromeliads will be for sale and a choice-bromeliad auction will be held Saturday evening, Sept. 28 (starting 8PM). Admission is the usual entry fee to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The rare plant auction starts at approximately 8 PM and is free. 


Extravaganza is over and it was a good one Hosted by Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society.
Sales were slow and I was hoping to break even but that didn't happen but we still had a good time.
Extravaganza also had 3 seminars, I didn't go to any of them.
I did go to the  rare plant auction and a banquet.
Didn't get any plants at the rare plant auction. Didn't see any of  interest to me.
The only plants I picked up were(see below).

Dyckia White Fang
Orthophytum cf. grossiorum

Forgot my camera at home so no photos from the  Extravaganza.  Sorry.
Also last week I was locked out of - (see below)

I change cell phone carrier and got a new cell phone number, BIG BOBO.

I didn't change my phone number on any Google accounts.

So in order to log in I'll need a verification code from a phone that I no longer have. Without that phone, it can sometimes take 3-5 business days to complete the account recovery process (if at all). WHAT THE HELL.

 All of the Google sites I use or should I say did use at one time are:

Picasa Web Albums
I can no longer sign in on any of them.

 Back in my Google account.
It did not take the 3-5 business days only 2 days.