February 1, 2011

xDYCKCOHNIA Bones Mahogany

xDyckcohnia Bones Mahogany
This is a rare Bigeneric
Seed Parent: Deuterocohnia brevispicata
Pollen Parent: Dyckia reitzii "Rubra"
Hybridizer: R. Lemieux 2001
I find this plant to be a slow grower and also slow to flower. I have had this plant for about 10 years or so and it only flowered once.
There is one other xDyckcohnia that I know of and it is
xDyckcohnia 'Conrad Morton'
Seed parent: Dyckia macedoi
Pollen parent: Deuterocohnia meziana
Hybridizer: Hutchinson, Paul 2002


Max said...

Both those hybrids are really awesome plants.....very impressive.
One wonders what others will be created over time with these bi-gen crosses!

Max said...

Len, Was this plant self-fertile, or was it Monoecious like Hectias etc.

turtlewalker34205 said...

I don't know, didn't get any seed from it.