November 9, 2012

How does a dyckia multiply?


Not the best way to get plants that will look like the plant it came from. Dyckia's will cross easy with any other dyckia nearby in flower at the same time.



Stolons - can be 6 or 8 inches long maybe longer but that’s the biggest pot I have them in.
A easy way to get more plants with out to much pain

Offsets - new plants form just a little way from the base of the parent plant
Also a easy way to get more plants but with a little more pain.

Divide - the plant will just divide in half.
This is the very hardest way to get more plant and not the beat way to get more plants. You have to cut in between the two heads with out cutting one or the other to badly so they can root. Should wait for the two heads to get larger and it will be a little easier to do.


RBell said...

I recently gathered some Bronze Dyckia (Dyckia fosteriana) seeds and I'm trying to grow them. Do Dyckias tend to come true from seeds, or is there a lot of cross-breeding?

turtlewalker34205 said...

Dyckia do come true from seed but you have to be careful that some other dyckia is not in flower or it can cross easy with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Len, I need to take a picture of my seeds and show you which germinated the most, some were very prolific, some just one or 2 and one batch,...nada. Oh well, I have some dyckia pups,and hopefully they grow big & strong....Thanks, Max !