March 23, 2011

Something New

This last weekend I had gone to The Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society Annual Auction. As always on the look out for any dyckia's I don't have or any plant I think is interesting.

I did manager to pay to much for 3 plants at the auction. They are:

Pitcairnia 'Flaming Arrow' pseudoundulata x burle-marxii

 xNeophytum  Neoregelia carolinae variegata x Orthophytum navioides
I don't know anything about this plant but as you can see not all of the leaves are variegated. As it put out offsets some of the offsets will have more variegated leaves and some with no variegated leaves.

 xNeophytum Orthophytum navioides x Neoregelia wilsoniana

Just a little bit about this plant.
Orthophytum navioides is a small plant and flowers in the center that turns red.
Neoregelia wilsoniana is also a small plant that is stoloniferous.
So when this starts to produce offsets they will be on stolons, its going to look great.

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