April 6, 2011

Orthophytum ‘Donna Shaw’

Orthophytum maracasense variegated or striata or it is?
This a variegated Orthophytum maracasense and is that I call it but……..

I have seen this plant listed as Orthophytum maracasense striata.

Just today I found with a photo:

Orthophytum ‘Donna Shaw’ sport of Orthophytum maracasense w/green and yellow variegation (see link )


It looks like my plant but is smaller, it could be a younger plant.
I have had this plant for years but last year I found one at a Bromeliad sale. It was way larger then any one I grown. In all ways it looks the same but in size.
Should I change my tag on it?
 In a 8 inch pot with leafs 23 inchs long

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