May 14, 2011

A word about Encholirium

I don't know alot about this group of plants and I only have the 4 you see in the photo's below plus one Bigeneric that is not mine. Most I've only had a year or so and the only one large enough to flower is Angelita (Dylerium / Dyckia Encholirium Angelita) and I'm not to sure what it is.


 Encholirium magalhaesii

 Encholirium subsecundum
 Encholirium horridum

Dylerium / Dyckia 
Encholirium Angelita  

x Enchotia
 Encholirium horridum x Hechtia macdougallii
(not my plant)

Dyckia  Chocolate ↑
The only Dyckia with a terminal blooming spike. I guess this plant had flowered before the same way (thanks Max) that I forgot about bach in Feb. 2009.

See link.

Encholirium horridum doesn't produce any offset so you need to grow it from seed to get more. Encholirium Angelita does produce offsets and so does my Dyckia Chocolate. I don't know if any of the other Encholirium are like Encholirium horridum or Encholirium Angelita. If anyone know let me know.

This is a list from
FCBS Bromeliad Species Online Database:

Encholirium bahianum L.B. Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium belemii L.B. Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium brachypodum L. B. Smith & R. W. Read
Encholirium bradeanum L.B. Smith
Encholirium carmineoviridiflorum Rauh
Encholirium crassiscapum Rauh
Encholirium densiflorum Ule
Encholirium erectiflorum L.B. Smith
Encholirium glaziovii Mez
Encholirium gracile L.B. Smith
Encholirium harleyi L.B. Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium heloisae (L. B. Smith) Forzza & Wanderley
Encholirium hoehneanum L.B. Smith
Encholirium horridum L.B. Smith
Encholirium inerme Rauh
Encholirium irwinii L.B. Smith
Encholirium longiflorum Leme
Encholirium lutzii L.B. Smith
Encholirium luxor L.B. Smith & R. W. Read
Encholirium lymanianum Pereira & Martinelli
Encholirium magalhaesii L.B. Smith
Encholirium paraibae L.B.Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium patens L.B. Smith
Encholirium pedicellatum (Mez) Rauh
Encholirium pernambucanum L.B. Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium piresianum L.B. Smith & R.W. Read
Encholirium rupestre Ule
Encholirium sazimae Rauh
Encholirium scrutor (L. B. Smith) Rauh
Encholirium spectabile Martius ex Schultes f.
Encholirium subsecundum (Baker) Mez
Encholirium suzannae Rauh
Encholirium vogelii Rauh
Encholirium biflorum (Mez) Forzza
Encholirium reflexum Forzza & Wanderley
Encholirium eddie-estevesii Leme & Forzza
Encholirium maximum Forzza & Leme
Encholirium disjunctum Forzza
Encholirium ascendens Leme

Not all Encholirium have made it to this list as yet.
Like these two:

Encholirium ctenophyllum
Encholirium agavoides

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has a list of only 23 species but as can see the list above is of 39.

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