September 25, 2013

Extravaganza is over

Don't forget Also coming up:

September 27th - 29thSarasota Bromeliad Society Annual Show and Sale
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 811 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, Florida
Many choice bromeliads will be for sale and a choice-bromeliad auction will be held Saturday evening, Sept. 28 (starting 8PM). Admission is the usual entry fee to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. The rare plant auction starts at approximately 8 PM and is free. 


Extravaganza is over and it was a good one Hosted by Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society.
Sales were slow and I was hoping to break even but that didn't happen but we still had a good time.
Extravaganza also had 3 seminars, I didn't go to any of them.
I did go to the  rare plant auction and a banquet.
Didn't get any plants at the rare plant auction. Didn't see any of  interest to me.
The only plants I picked up were(see below).

Dyckia White Fang
Orthophytum cf. grossiorum

Forgot my camera at home so no photos from the  Extravaganza.  Sorry.
Also last week I was locked out of - (see below)

I change cell phone carrier and got a new cell phone number, BIG BOBO.

I didn't change my phone number on any Google accounts.

So in order to log in I'll need a verification code from a phone that I no longer have. Without that phone, it can sometimes take 3-5 business days to complete the account recovery process (if at all). WHAT THE HELL.

 All of the Google sites I use or should I say did use at one time are:

Picasa Web Albums
I can no longer sign in on any of them.

 Back in my Google account.
It did not take the 3-5 business days only 2 days.


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Max said...

Great choices anyway! You can always make space for one more!