March 31, 2017

The End

This might be my last addition to this blog. Because of my health I can not get around that much.
Sold off most of my plants (still have a lot that I cannot take care of).
I said all I can say about plants I have and have no idea what else to say.  

If anyone was a question about any plants you see on this blog I will try to answer them.

It's been fun


Max said...

Merry Christmas Len! ...please don't stop!....I think a lot of people come to your site and always have nice plants to show. I have been busy this year and quit Facebook, but plan to show some plants from seed I got from you when I first started....Happy Holidays.

Max said...

Say it aint so!....I always check your blog and appreciate the interesting odd plants you show now and then. I focus on Dyckias but always love seeing your post....Thanks. I even linked to you on the old site . I saw the site was available and will see if I can figure out how to set up a discussion forum like the old days...We shall see.
Keep posting my friend!