October 12, 2009

Orthophytum maracasense variegated

I have the variegated (bottem 2 photo's) and the non-variegated (top photo) form of this plant, but I started to grow the variegated form in a large 10 inch pot just to see if it will get as large as some will do if in a big pot. As you can see from the photo it will. The largest pot I use to grow them was a 6 inch pot but most of the time it was 4 or 5 inch pot.

I think most people grow there plants in to small of a pot which will slow down how large the plants will get. They should try to grow them in larger pot with more drainage material, I use one part peat and 3 parts peal-lite and sometimes I will add some volcanic rock if it is a big pot.

The non-variegated form is in a 6 inch pot, I might try to grow it in a larger pot next summer.

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