October 1, 2009

Orthophytum 'Stardust'

Orthophytum lemei X gurkenii

This Orthophytum when in flower get so big and heavy in falls over well before the pups start to show up.

I get alot of my plants from Tropiflora and this is what they say in one of the Cargo Report's sbout this plant

"Orthophytum ‘Stardust’ A very handsome cross of gurkenii x lemei by Michael Kiehl. Wide brownish leaves are heavily scurf-covered, giving the plant a silvery or slightly pinkish color. The inflorescence is a tall scape with short, burr-like branches made up of short, stiff, reddish colored bracts and white flowers."

This plant did not come from Tropiflora and I don't remember were I got it. My tag reads: Orthophytum lemei x gurkenii. When you see a cross like this one where gurkenii x lemei, gurkenii would be the seed plant but this lemei x gurkenii were lemei would be the seed plant.

This plant is in a 8 inch pot.

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