September 28, 2010

Orthophytum supthutii or Lapa duartei


A little infor. about Orthophytum's
Orthophytum comprises 41 or 56 species (number depends on who you believe), An Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials has only 41 and 7 varieties ) and seven varieties forming two easily distinguished
groups: one with a well-developed scape, informally called
the scapose inflorescence complex  and
the other group referred to as the sessile inflorescence complex.

The latter is further subdivided into three subcomplexes:
“subcomplex amoenum,”
“subcomplex vagans”
“subcomplex supthutii”

Orthophytum supthutiiis now Lapa duarteana

Wish I could tell the difference between them or what they may look like.  Which one's do I have in the photo's?
If anyone has photos showing the difference send them and I'll post it here.

Orthophytum supthutii is now Lapa duartei
Only 2 only 2 plant are in this new family they are:
Lapa duartei
Lapa itambensis

Lapa duartei

Orthophytum horridum

Orthophytum lucidum

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