September 28, 2010


 xOrthotanthus is a  bigeneric hybrid 

It is a Cryptanthus microglazioui x Orthophytum navioides
A NEW RELEASE  at 2010 World Bromeliad Conference.
This is not the first time this cross has been done, but is the first time by Michael Kiehl,  Nat DeLeon and I think Steve Hoppin also did the same cross.
That’s what shows but with * by Steve Hoppin name,
have no idea why.
Nat DeLeon cross was named  xOrthotanthus 'Blazing Bonsai'
Steve Hoppin I don't know if he named it when he did.
Sorry I don't have a photo of it when it was at it's best.

But it turns bright red with a lime green center. The flowers
are large and white petals. The base of the plant is surprisingly fat.

UPDATE 12/14/10

Tropiflora now had this plant for sale and they say it is a Hummel hybrid of unknown parentage.
Maybe I miss seeing some thing.

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