June 7, 2013

Dyckia aff. domfelicianensis

 I just got this dyckia from Yucca Do Nursery.
Hope it is a good name and it is what they say it is.


This is what they say about this plant.

"Dyckia aff. domfelicianensis

Y11-81 — Zone 9 to 10— Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Steak knife Dyckia! Years ago I was sent seed of this Dyckia from a Brazilian Dyckia enthusiast. He simply labeled the packet as Dyckia sp. and gave a site location. As the years passed, and the plants slowly grew, I learned more and more and grew to greatly admire this plant. The plants produce compact, very symmetrical rosettes composed of numerous short leaves. The leaf color varies from plant to plant, but can range from very-silver to olive-green, depending on the intensity of the scale-like structures that coat the surface of the leaves. The leaf margins are lined with numerous short, straight teeth that when combined with the size, shape and color of the leaves, bring to mind a cluster of steak knives."


This is what it looks like today. It has 3 heads.

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Max said...

Len, I splurged and got one too! Now I only wished I ordered 2 I like it so much!