June 2, 2013

Monadenium torrei and elegans

Monadenium torrei and Monadenium elegans are the only two Monadenium I have.
They are the only two I can grow with out killing them.

But now I find out Monadenium torrei is a Euphorbia.

Monadenium elegans is a synonym of Euphorbia biselegans.
The two plants look the same to me and they may be the same plant with different labels.
Monadenium torrei/ Euphorbia torrei came from Tropiflora some years back and at that time I thought I paid to much for it ($25).
But after looking around on the "Net" I found that Out of Africa (http://www.out-of-africa-plants.com/Specimens.htm ) has this plant in a 6 inch pot for $100.
I don't remember where I pick-up Monadenium elegans/Euphorbia biselegans but I paid $8.00 for it.

I hate name changes.

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