December 26, 2012

Dyckia's that are Variegated

There is lots of potential to see more Dyckia's that are Variegated.
Just look at Sansevieria's, it was that long ago where variegated Sansevieria were only found in a few Species but now almost all of the species have a variegated form. It's just a matter of time before we see more.

I far as I know  there are only 2 variegated Dyckia's around. That being  Dyckia 'Dakota' and Dyckia velascana 'Suppressed Anger'.

Dyckia 'Dakota'
 Dyckia velascana 'Suppressed Anger'

Some people think Dyckia 'Yellow Glow' is variegated I don't think so because  the variegation can disappear and can reappear if it likes or dislikes the growing conditions. If it was a variegated Dyckia the variegation might not be the best but it would still be visible.


I have seen a variegated Dyckia at Tropiflora a few years ago it had no tag so I don't know what it was or anything more about it. I don't think they have any more, I have not seen it in a long time. If I remember correcting Ray said it rotted. This was the best variegated Dyckia I've seen, so far.

 I have also seen photo's of what some call variegated Dyckia's but I don't see the so called variegation in them, I think it was just hopeful thinking on there part. Sorry guys.
One was a Variegated Dyckia marnier -lapostollei and the other was Dyckia platyphylla x Dyckia 'Charlot' called Dyckia 'Amber Queen'.
With all the people around the world interested in growing Dyckia's from seed all kinds of things can happen.


Constantino in Brazil has plants and photos of
Variegated Dyckia velascana at

and Dyckia hebdingii Variegated  that he found out in the wild that is very nice.
You can see at:



Constantino in Brazil has plants and photos of
Dyckia hebdingii rubra and variegated



Max said...

Len, Yes, it is exciting about the new plants that will surely be seen now that so many more people are growing.

Here's another by Constantino;
Pallada Gardens
Sutchart, Dyckia 'Andaman'

turtlewalker34205 said...

If anyone knows of more let me know.