December 16, 2012


I  have this one seeding of Dyckia Dakota f2. Sorry to say it's not Variegated.

Maybe some where down deep in it genes is a Variegated chromosome (or what ever you call it) that will one day show up in a offset.

Dyckia Dakota f2

Dyckia fosteriana Bronze is not a species but a hybrid.
I can see why who ever called it Bronze but have no idea that person didn't give it nice hybrid name like Bronze what ever.

Dyckia fosteriana Bronze

Dyckia goiana sp. goiana has the best orange (if you can call that orange) colored flowers I've seen in any Dyckia.

Dyckia goiana sp. goiana

Dyckia goiana sp. goiana flowers

Aechmea fosteriana just starting to come in to flower.

Dyckia dawsonii showing its best color at this time of year.


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