September 5, 2012

Orlandiana 2012

Who all going to Orlandiana 2012 the 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference ?
I have been looking and looking and looking some more at all my plants and can't seen to find anything to enter.

What to do?

I have to come up with 5 plant for the show part of the Conference.

I grow all my plants outside  with no protection from nature. All  have some kind of damage to the leaves or dirt so deep down that I can't get at.

I guess I will  enter the best of what I have and take the hit from the judges.

One more thing, I'm not good at cleaning up plants for a  Bromeliad show to begin with.

 I was also thinking about entering photo's instead of plants. Photo's I can do, they will look OK but not win anything big. But I'm not sure if I can as the rules say seller must enter 5 plants.

I was thinking about entering this photo. What do you think/


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