August 22, 2012


Starfruit and Surinam cherry are the only fruit I grow.



How much Starfruit  can 2 people eat?

John from shows you a star fruit tree, how to harvest star fruit, how to cut it, as well as growing information and nutrition information. After watching this video your mouth will be watering for star fruit!

Surinam cherry
This fruit comes and goes so quick some times I don't see them.
It is a very handsome evergreen shrub with copper-pink young leaves. Mature leaves are opposite, ovate or narrowly ovate, subglossy with paler underside.

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Surinam cherry aka Brazilian Cherry aka Cayenne Cherry aka Florida Cherry ... with all of these aliases isn't it weird that it's not considered as a cherry?! Lol. I've seen this bush all over South Florida and I'm fully surprised to just find out that it's fruit is actually edible! Thanks to the awesome group in facebook: 'Awesome Gardening Youtube/Gardening Friends & Videos' who helped me figure out what it is.

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