August 14, 2013

Agave Mr.Woodrow

Agave angustifolia var. marginata was  discovered as an off-shoot of A. angustifolia var. marginata.
by Mr.Woodrow in 1967.

It's one of those plants you don't see around much.

 This is the only Agave I have that I enjoy.  I think I got it about 8 years ago. It is one of the slowest plants I have. In all that time it has only made 2 pups plus any new leaves are very slow in coming.

Like any new plant you look at it a lot but as time moves on, not so much. The more time passes the less you look at it. So after 8 years or so I started to look at again and thought it might be time for a new pot and remove the 2 offsets.

These 2 offsets have been around for 2 or 3 years but now they are on their own.

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