August 8, 2013


Not all my plants in pots get what they need.
Normally plants in pots get watered and plants in the ground only gets water when it rains.
But the plants pictured below have been  neglected way to long.

Bishop's Cap

Bishop's Cap

Bishop's Cap

Ariocarpus ?

Euphorbia ?

Euphorbia knuthii

Neoglaziovia variegata
 I have tried to grow this better but no matter what I did it never looked that good to me.
Neoglaziovia variegata
 The plants what are neglected in the ground (see photo's below ) still do well and flower every year, they just don't look that nice.

Pachypodium ? and Cyphostemma juttae

 Do you think one of them needs a bigger pot?

All of the Euphorbia's you see I did not plant, they all came from seed from a plants that were potted.


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