August 3, 2014

Decaria madagascariensis

Decaryia madagascariensis is the only species in the genus. It has succulent stems growing in a zigzag pattern with two spines on the outside where the stem changes direction.
When it gets larger it should have pale yellow flowers. The Decarya is dioecious (there are male trees and female trees).

Sun Exposure: Light shade to full sun
Origin: Madagascar
Growth Habits: Deciduous spiny shrub or small tree, 20 to 30 feet tall (6-9 m)
Watering Needs: Regular water all year long
Propagation: Seeds, grafting (on Alluaudia), cuttings are rather difficult

I got this plant in 2011 (see photo ↑) it had 2 plants in the pot. I was going to wait for it to get bigger but it didn't do anything. So this year(2014) each one got it's own pot.

This is the way it looks now (2014)
It only took a few years for some thing to happen.
New growth  


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Max said...

I really like that!...pretty cool!