January 22, 2013

Dyckia Heaven and Hell

Ever time I look at this Dyckia I think it is my best Dyckia.

Dyckia Heaven and Hell
 I really like this dyckia with it's contrasting colors on its leaves and thorns. 
The dark leaves with the white thorns stand out nicely.
I don't think anyone can do better then this as far as the color that are so contrasting.
It may not show up in my photos, but it's the best of the best.
On the fcbs.org web-site it said that:

Hybridizer: Baker, B., Nguyen, C.*
(Don't know that the asterisk (*) stands for. Anyone knows?)

Seed parent: 'Arizona' x 'Brittle Star'
Pollen parent: 'Brittle Star'

I got this at the Orlandiana '12   20th World Bromeliad Conference in September.


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Max said...

Len, I think *Chris N. named this plant of Bill Bakers is what that means....