July 24, 2013

Dyckia unknown or a Orthophytum ?

This was in a pot with Dyckia rariflora Select that came from Tropiflora a few years ago.
Anyone know what it could be?

Like Dyckia rariflora it also was stolons. But it has very waxy light green and a bit of red on the leaves.

I just put it in it's own 10 inch pot, lets see how big it could get. It has not flowered as yet.

Dyckia rariflora Select

 Some one said it could be Orth. lucidus. I think he may be right.

Orth. lucidus on the left.
Well I changed my mind, I took  another look at it.  Orthophytum lucidum does not do stolons.  It does look a lot like it though. 
 What could it be??????????

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