July 24, 2013

Uncarina cuttings

Uncarinas are said to be  impossible to made cutting of. But not all Uncarina are impossible to root from cuttings.
So far so good with this Uncarina stellulifera. I think it is rooted but I have not dug down in the pot to check.

Uncarina's that have not made roots for me from cutting are Uncarina grandidieri and Uncarina roeoesliana.


Anyone had any luck with cutting?

cutting came from this plant
Bihrmann.com (http://www.bihrmann.com//) I read  the following information

  1.  As with the other Uncarinas, cuttings do form a caudex.
  2.  Uncarina grandidieri can reproduced by cuttings as well.
After reading the this é I am going to try to root  Uncarina grandidieri  and Uncarina decaryi.

Uncarina grandidieri  it seems is the only one with all yellow flowers and I only have one of them.

Uncarina decaryi has the best looking leaves the flowers are like most, yellow with a red throat . Plus I only have one and 2 would be better.

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