June 15, 2011

Rooting Plumeria Cuttings Using The Egg Method

Rooting Plumeria Cuttings Using The Egg Method

Anyone ever hear about this method? I just found out about this today, it sound very weird. This is how it works:

First of all ensure that your cutting has had time to callous over at the bottom.
If it a freshly cut cutting leave it to dry for around 7 days.
Fill the bottom of your pot with a well draining compost.

Then this is the weird part, place a whole egg still in the shell on top of the compost followed by another inch of your mix.

Then place in your cutting.
Then fill the pot up with your potting mix.
Then your pot must be kept as warm as possible and given a spray with water every couple of days to increase the humidity.
Bottom heat is an important factor in this method and a heat mat is ideal.
Cuttings using this method have been known to root in as little as 3 weeks and not only is this a faster method but it also produces a lot more roots.
The theory behind this method is that an anaerobic decomposition takes place and the escaping gases from the egg nourish the cutting and help speed up the rooting process.

I don't know if you remove the egg or what. It might be a good way to get those hard to root Hechtia's to root if it does work.

Am I the only one that was not heard of this? Has anyone tried it? Does it work? What happens to the egg?

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