June 30, 2011

Up-Date on Hechtia

Back in 6/16/2010 I bought two Hechtia's from Guy Wrinkle. This is a up-date on those plants.

They came with little or no roots (see photos). I have to say they did not root to fast it had taken months ( good part of a year) for any roots to take place.

One year later Hechtia sp. Chilpancingo Guerrero is still not rooted all that well.

Hechtia sp. Sierra Guingola did much better and is rooted well.
This is what it said on Guy Wrinkle web-site about the plants.

Hechtia sp Chilpancingo Guerrero

Found only on grey weathered limestone in southern Oaxaca. The red color can be washed out with too much shade and or water. Shade and water helps in getting Hechtia rooted but after this is accomplished give the plant more dun and less water to bring the color back out."

Hechtia sp Chilpancingo Guerrero

Hechtia sp Chilpancingo Guerrero


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