June 24, 2011

Summer sale at Tropiflora

Tropiflora had it's summer sale today so I had to go and see what they had.

It is a Stock Reduction Sale and you never know what they are going to reduce, I'm hoping dyckia.

But no dyckia in the sale. All is not lost I did buy a few dyckia's at full price.

 Stock Reduction Sale in under the tents
It was HOT out there today and it's only 9AM

 Dyckia milagrensis
A species had to get it.
 Dyckia reitzii v. rubra x Snaggletooth
I just love the color of this one.
 Encholirium horridum hyb
They said it might be a F2
 Orthophytum sanctum 
I know it looks like Orthophytum glabrum but it's not.
Werauhia sanguinolenta  Rubra 
I had to get it for $5

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