June 23, 2012

Hechtia glauca

This is one of the most succulent of the Hechtia, but is a slow grower.

UPDATE: 7/31/2012
At one time I thought it was a slow grower but if you grow it the correct way it's not a slow grower after all.
The soil mix was the key in this plant. You go and buy a plant bring it home, so you think it's going to do the same for that it did from the place you got from.

Not always.

The way I tried to grow it was not the same way.
So it didn't do much for me.
Once I re-potted it in my soil mix it started to do a whole lot better.

Leaves thick, fat, recurved and have spiny hooks along the leaf margins.
Leaves get up to 18" across.
Leaves are a yellow-green with a turquoisey cast on them (thin dusting) giving it a bit of blue color in the right light. Drought tolerant, but appreciates water.

From: Michoacan, Mexico

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