June 21, 2012

Hechtia 90km

Hechtia 90km
This Hechtia comes from Oaxaca, Mexico. The 90 km means it was 90 kilometers from Oaxaca. I have had this plant for maybe 8 or 10 years now and it never flowered.

It grows slow. I have not re-moved any offsets or pup in all that time. Started with one but only the two plants after all that time.

Leaves are very succulent, very Stiff, and very spiny-toothed leaves are well armed with marginal spines.

Has wax like on the leaves with just a little red.

I just Divided a small clump of 2 so there is no roots.

Terrestrial bromeliad plants growing along side cactus and succulents on rocky slopes in deserts and other arid habitats.
They are Xerographic and survive long periods without water by slowing their growth rate. These plants are tough. Have a large root system, and generally need to be overpotted, remember that the larger the pot the larger the plant will grow.
Hechtias are dioecious, so a male plant and a female plant are needed to produce seeds.

Keep in Full sun to keep it looking it's best it will stay white with very little green.

Keep the plant well watered when they are actively growing. Cut back on the water during the winter when the temperatures are on the cool side
Grow in a well drained mix.

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