June 29, 2012

Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii

This is a up-date.

Way back in November 5, 2011 I got 2 very rare Cryptanthus Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii
at the  Plant Auction at the 12th Annual International Cryptanthus Society Show

 Photo taken November 10, 2011 wide leaf clone
 Photo taken November 10, 2011
Photo taken June 29 2012

Now I know why this Cryptanthus is so rare. It's Very slow.
I was hoping for offsets by now. 

Maybe its slow because of the way I grow it. I don't want it to rot, so I careful with the water. Plus they were not very well rooted to start with. I do think they look better with more silver on them.

In the background is Cryptanthus warasii.


Kailey said...

What do you use in your soil for growing cryptanthus?

turtlewalker34205 said...

The Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii that I have are in the same pots and soil mix they came in. But when the time comes to repot them I'll use the same mix that all my dyckia's go in. One part peat and 3 parts perlite. I also use it for Cryptanthus warasii.