June 6, 2012

I'm Back

I'm Back for now.

Lets see if I remember how this blog works.
Don't know how long I'll do this on this blog,we'll see.
I see people still come here, thank-you for coming bye.

I was going to show the Sansevieria below on that other blog until I ran out of space


I also have

Sansevieria sambiranensis
Sansevieria manolin
Sansevieria parva
Sansevieria concinna
Sansevieria aethiopica
Sansevieria francisii


RBell said...

Saw your post about exceeded space limitations on Wordpress blog. One thing that might help is, on your camera, to reduce the quality at which you are talking the pictures. Every camera's settings are different, but I set mine to Standard Quality (640x480 - its lowest setting). This is fine for posting (though not for printing). One way to tell image size is to actually click on the posted picture - if it stays about the same size, then its small in size (and quality). If it expands to very large on the screen, then it's large in size & quality (and consuming more of your space).

turtlewalker34205 said...

Yep I know about that but I like the larger size photo's and if I do any cropping it turns better. Plus it's to late now, oh well back to the drawing board.

Max said...

Len, There doesn't seem to be too much difference so this format is almost the same. Keep it up as i always like the mix of plants you show. Many I never even heard of. Keep it up!