June 12, 2012

Home grown

To grow dyckia's from seed is not that hard.

Some times the seed will start to come up in pot close to where a plant had flowered.

I have 3 plants that started that way.

I have not tried to grow them from seed it just happened.

I don't grow many dyckia's from seed. Below are all most all the seedling I do have. 

Some of them were sent to me from a friend. The plants with no name are the ones I started from seed or shouls I say they started by them self..  

Dyckia Ice Follies f2
Dyckia Burgundy Ice f2
Dyckia Big Brazil f2

Dyckia brevifolia f2

Dyckia encholirioides f2

Dyckia Green

Dyckia Disney Tri-color

Dyckia Leslies Red

Dyckia no name yet

Dyckia Dakota f2

Dyckia no name yet

Dyckia no name yet

Dyckia Brown

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