July 16, 2012


Dorstenia a funny little plant with funnier looking flowers.

Wikipedia has this to say about Dorstenia:
Dorstenia is a genus of about 105 species in the Moraceae plant family. Most species are Neotropical or Afrotropical, with a single species in India, Sri Lanka and the island of Socotra (Yemen). Dorstenia is named in honor of the German physician and botanist Theodor Dorsten (1492 - 1552).

I think I have about 4  at the most.

Of the 4 I have 3 I have no idea that the names are.


They don't like temps below 40.

Dorstenia carnulosa

   Dorstenia carnulosa didn't like me, it didn't look that good when I got it . It's gone.

Dorstenia lanceolata

Dorstenia lanceolata
Dorstenia lanceolata did not like me and didn't last long.
Dorstenia crispa v lancifolia


Some of the Dorstenia in the photo's don't like a lot of water and can go dry for a short time.

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