July 3, 2012

Dyckia species

When I started to collect dyckia's maybe 15 years ago. There where not to many species in cultivation. 

But now-a-days more and more species are making there way in to the hands of collectors. 

Dyckia linearifolia

I see new species on ebay all the time. Thank goodness for ebay and a few collectors that are able to get and share these plants.

Dyckia pulquinensis

You can say a lot about ebay, some people don't like it for what-ever reason and some like me love it. With out ebay these new dyckia's would only be for sale at local sales if at all.

Dyckia goiana


Max said...

I agree Len...Ebay is what it is, but have got many a plant I desired that wouldn't have otherwise. Yes, it drives up the price on some, but the more they're spread around the better the chance we get what we seek someday!...

turtlewalker34205 said...

The price may be high to start off with but I see the price falling already on some.