July 21, 2012

xDyckcohnia Bones Mahogany

xDyckcohnia Bones Mahogany has got to be one of the longest flowering  Bromeliads I have. This plant been in flower starting way back in Feb. 28, 2012

Feb. 8, 2012

Feb. 8, 2012
When leaves are that long it's hard for water to get to the pot/roots so it is in a saucer.
I do keep it watered.
Feb. 28, 2012
Still no offsets.

5 months later!

How long will it flower??

I think I'm going to cut the leaves back from the bottom so I can see the soil, and maybe the extra light at the soil line will help it offset. That else can I try???
After some careful leaf removable with my sawzall. 

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