July 23, 2012

What would you get with Dyckia Suppressed Anger x Dyckia Dakota ?

So what would you get with Dyckia Suppressed Anger x Dyckia Dakota ?

Most likely just a green Dyckia. But you never know with seeds.

I guess no one knows what Dyckia Dakota is, some think it's  Variegated form of fosteriana. But Dyckia Dakota gets bigger then any Dyckia fosteriana I've seen. I don't think it’s a form of Dyckia fosteriana. I also don't think it a hybrid from Dyckia fosteriana. 

Dyckia 'Suppressed Anger' is said to be a cultivar of Dyckia velascana.
It also is said to twists and turns and splits. I know what twists and turns is but splits. Don't know what that  refers to the plant I have puts out offsets and so far the head was not split. So what does that mean?
I think it has better variegation  then  Dyckia Dakota.
Have no idea what this will look like when it fills a 10 pot like the photo's of Dyckia Dakota.

The cost of one is alot less then Dyckia Dakota.
Dyckia Dakota can go for $1000 where as Dyckia 'Suppressed Anger' can go for less then $50.

This photo of a unknown Dyckia has almost to much Variegation.
I don't think it lived.

Dyckia Dakota from seed f2?

The photo above is a seedling from Dyckia Dakota. No variegation at all. Dam!!


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