July 18, 2012


Is this Uncarina abbreviata or Uncarina  stellulifera?
I have or had both at one time but the tags seen to have gone to who knows where. 

 Not all my Uncarina do well, this is one of them.
The other Uncarina's that don't do to good is the other of the same color what ever that might be (Uncarina abbreviata or Uncarina stellulifera).

This plant (in the photos) just got repotted  about a week ago and is in flower now. I have few Uncarina's that grow alright but don't want to flower.

é Uncarina  stellulifera I think but the color is off a bit from the other one.
 Have not seen it flower ê

Uncarina decaryi

Uncarina decaryi

 I hate lost tags.

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