August 15, 2012

2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference

The 2012 Bromeliad Society International World Bromeliad Conference
hosted by Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies in Orlando, FL. is fast approaching. Opening day is  Monday, September 24 but my wife and I won't be their until Wednesday, September 26.

We want to sell some plants at the sale area to help pay for this trip. I don't think we could that many plant to pay for the hole thing, that would be great if that happened. But that’s a lot of plants to sell.

The cost of going to one of these  Conference is getting way to much. The hotel is going to be about $480 for the 5 (I think we're staying 5 days) days plus the  Registration cost of $160 x 2 = $320 for the 2 of us.

All sellers are required to enter at least 5 plants into the show.  So I also have to come up with some thing to enter in the show.

I don't have 5 plants of show equity. I hope to have 2 plants of show equity at lease. So I was thinking about entering a few photos to make up any differences. That’s going to be easy, very good photos are hard to come by what will make people look at more then once.
Sellers are also encouraged to donate a bromeliad or bromeliad related article to the Rare Plant Auction.  What to donate what some one will bid on? If it is worth any money I want to sell it and get the money myself to pay for this trip.

I looked and looked at all my plants over and over again and the only plants I can find are the two plants below. How do you grow a Dyckia large enough with-out any damage?
Plus I would have to re-move the offsets.

Dyckia Arizona F2 Black Ice in a 6 inch pot

Dyckia milagrensis in a 12 inch pot
The last show I had dyckia's in, I had a 3D photo, That did not do what I had hope it would do. Few people looked at it with the 3D glasses and those that did could not see the 3D in the 3D. I liked it.

Anyone have any idea's on what I can enter?
I need all the help I can get.
One more thing please hit the like button or not.

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