August 20, 2012

First Day School

Today is my granddaughters (Lily) first day of kindergarten and the first day of school for many kids in this part of Florida.  So be careful driving out there. Good luck Lily.
That also means Fall is not far behind and then Winter. Oh No!!!!
I guess it's not to early to start thinking about what to do with the plants this coming winter.
Something's need to go. But what?
For me the first thing is to downsize. Do I need 6 or more of the same plant? No, one or two is good.
Do I want all of the plants I have now?
Not all the plants are doing well, so lets get rid of the weak and the ones I don't like. Yes I have plants I don't like.
After I weed out all of that.
Where do I put them so I can keep a eye on them then it's cold? 
For me it's right out side my back door. That space is not large enough for  all of them so the rest of them will have to go on the side of my house.
WOW just thinking about all that makes my head hurt. That’s all for now. Have to think more about it later.

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