August 1, 2012

Fouquieria fasciculata

I am not 100% sure if this is Fouquieria fasciculata. But that's what I'm calling it. If anyone know for sure let me know.

Had this plant for about 30 or 35 years. I pick it up on a trip down to New Mexico. I don't remember where.

I lived in Illinois back then and when we moved to Florida it came with us.

I planted it in the ground maybe 15 years ago and don't think it was got any larger, as far as the caudex. The thin branches have grown and I some times cut them back a little. 

In the back ground  you can see a few Jatropha podagrica leaves that re-seeded them self's around the yard.

I don't know if it flowers, it might but I don't look at it that much.
 It is planted in the shade unfortunately. It wasn't in the shade then it was planted.

The caudex is about 8 x 8.

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