May 19, 2013


I don't know why I like these plants.

The info. below is from:

"Dorstenia is a large genus occuring in the tropics around the world. There are succulent and non-succulent species. Most of the succulent species come from Africa. It belongs to the fig and mulberry family, and has also an unusual flower arrangement. The flowers are grouped in a structure called hypanthodium, and many in this genus have a common name of 'shield flowers'. When the seeds are ripe, they are expelled at distances of several several feet."

Maybe it's because they will and do reseed them self's in pots close by.
Need to be careful on watering and they don't like to be to cold come the winter.




Dorstenia crispa v. lancifolia

Dorstenia crispa v. lancifolia

Dorstenia crispa v. lancifolia
Don't have names for any of them.
If you know that they are let me know.

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